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Character Interview with Luke & Karlie!

*Previously published on The Captivating Quill*

Today I thought we’d do something fun, something maybe just a little be strange, and something that probably makes me look like a complete lunatic considering I’m basically talking to myself (but, hey, I’m a writer so I talk to myself all the time anyway!) So please, sit back, relax, grab your favorite beverage and snack of choice and enjoy this character interview with Luke McKade and Karlie Kyle from my newest book: Luke (The McKades of Texas, Book 3).

*We’re seated in the cozy living room of Luke and Karlie’s two-story farm house. Luke and Karlie are snuggled next to each other on the sofa—his arm is draped casually around her shoulders and her hand is gently resting against his jean clad thigh. Their yellow Labrador, Waylon, is parked at their feet napping.*

Me: Thank you both for taking the time from your busy schedule to meet with me today for this interview! Let’s go ahead and jump right in, shall we? What pets did you have while you were growing up?

Karlie: My sister and I had these two black kittens that would always come up to our back deck. We never did find their mother and we could never get close enough to tame them, but we fed them and named them: Patrick and Critter. But as they got older, both Patrick and Critter each ended up having a litter of kittens underneath of our deck…Critter seemed a pretty universal name so it stuck, but Patrick became Patricia. *She laughs*

Luke: We’ve only ever had horses but, my granddad and grandma had a dog named Buzz that we used to play with whenever we went to their house. He was a mutt; German Shepard mixed with something, but what I couldn’t tell ya. He was pretty cool.

Me: Cute! Okay, What’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home?

Karlie: I’m pretty sure we both have the same answer for this one, and that’s Cancun when we went on our honeymoon.

Luke: Yep. *He draws Karlie closer to his side* Farthest I’d been before that was Nashville.

Karlie: Nashville? When did you go there?

Luke: Went with Zane a few years ago to help him find Andi since it was kind of my fault she ended up there. *They share a look* It’s a long story.

Me: It sounds like an interesting story too. What piece of entertainment do you wish you could erase from your mind so that you could experience for the first time again?

Luke: Oh, I’ve got this one. *He gives Karlie a grin* When I caught you dancing in my mom’s kitchen and you had no idea I was standing there. I’d love to relive that little hip roll moment again. I didn’t even know it was possible to move like that to a Hank Williams song.

Karlie: Stop it. *She laughs and slaps his chest*

Me: I’m sure that’s definitely a very entertaining memory :) What job would you be terrible at?

Luke: That’s easy. Anything with computers.

Karlie: *She laughs softly* Luke hates technology. I finally just talked him into getting rid of his old flip phone.

Luke: Which was perfectly fine and didn’t need replacing, I might add.

Karlie: You were holding the battery cover on with a piece of duct tape.

Luke: What’s wrong with that?

Karlie: *She gives a playful roll of her eyes* My answer to your question would be any type of desk job or anything that would keep in me indoors all day long. I hate feeling closed in and prefer the being outside in the fresh air.

Me: Duct tape? My goodness. What are some small things that make your day better?

Karlie: I love those few minutes right before dawn when we’re just waking up but pretend we’re still sleeping and enjoy the quiet snuggles before our day starts.

Luke: I like those little pictures you put in some of your text messages.

Karlie: Emojis?

Luke: Whatever you call ‘em. They’re cute.

Karlie: *She lifts her eyebrow with curiosity* Cute?

Luke: *He grins* Yeah.

Karlie: *She laughs softly* You’re a mess.

Me: Those are so sweet and cute! If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

*Luke slowly turns his head toward Karlie’s as a sly grin curves his mouth*

Karlie: *She blushes and shoots him a shy smile* Maybe we should move on to the next question. 

Me: *clears throat* Yes, let’s… What is the most impressive thing you know how to do?

*Luke’s grin widens and his eyes flicker with mischief as he glances back to Karlie*

Karlie: *Mumbles under her breath to Luke* Stop looking at me like that. *Covering his face with her hand, she playfully pushes him away and looks back to me, signaling to keep going* Next question, please.

Me: Come on, Luke, I’m trying to conduct a decent interview here. What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

Karlie: Fall in love.

Luke: Yeah, I’d agree with that *He pulls her close and drops a kiss to her temple*

Me: That makes three of us! Who has impressed you most with what they’ve accomplished?

Luke: Karlie, definitely, and her work with the horses. She’s almost given me a heart attack a few times, but she always proves that she’s got in under control. She’s helped a lot of horse’s overcome some major obstacles this past year, and I honestly couldn’t be more proud.

Karlie: Aw. *She gives him a flirty frown* Way to make a girl all emotional, cowboy.

Luke: *He shrugs and smiles*

Karlie: Well, I’d have to say that I’ve been pretty impressed by you overcoming your fear of commitment and giving us a chance.

Luke: *His smile widens* Best thing I ever did.

Me: You guys are so cute. What are you most looking forward to in the next 10 years?

Karlie: *She snuggles closer into Luke’s embrace and smiles sweetly* Waking up every day next to this cowboy.

Luke: *He gives a sideways nod to Karlie* Watching this one further her career as a professional horse trainer.

Karlie: *Her smile widens* Babies.

Luke: *He lets a few beats of silence pass and smiles* Yeah, maybe a few. Waylon could use a buddy or two. *He leans over and scratches behind the dog’s ear*

Me: I love it! Okay, last one…How different was your life one year ago?

Karlie: Wasn’t there an entire book written about this?

Me: *I nod and smile* There was.

Luke: *Surprise crosses his face as he looks curiously between Karlie and me* Say what?

Karlie: *She laughs softly* There’s a book written about us, cowboy.

Luke: *His curious look deepens, creasing his forehead* What all’s in this book?

Me: Everything.

Luke: Everything? *His eyes widen* Even that little kitchen episode when I…?

Karlie: Everything, cowboy.

Luke: *He blows out a heavy breath of air* That’s not at all embarrassing. *He sighs* Well… Do people like it?

Me: So far, yes. The lovely readers who’ve left reviews have all had some very positive comments and really like you guys.

Luke: *He perks up and becomes extremely interested* Oh really? What do they say about me?

Karlie: One reviewer said you were a “typical alpha, southern male who is struggling with changing his commitment phobia ways to obtain his happily ever after.”

Luke: *He scoffs* Well that’s … yeah, I guess that’s pretty accurate. *Karlie laughs and he shoots her a playful glare* Okay then, Slick, what do they say about you?

Karlie: That I’m “fierce and independent and know exactly what I want and how to get it.” *She says with a proud smile*

Luke: *He stews in silence before a grin tips his mouth* Yeah, I guess that’s pretty accurate too. How come I didn’t know about any of this?

Karlie: It’s that poor listening thing you do, cowboy.

Luke: What are you talkin’ about? I’m a great listener.

Karlie: *She laughs* You couldn’t be more wrong, and I will prove it to you later when I show you that part in our book.

Luke: *He shoots me a glare* This is every guy’s nightmare, you know that right? You’ve just given her documented proof for every disagreement we may have.

Me: *I shrug* Sorry about that.

Luke: That’s all right. *He grins deviously as he looks to Karlie* I’m going to buy every copy and hide them so you can never find them and use the information against me.

Karlie: *She rolls her eyes and sighs* It’s an ebook, too, cowboy, and an audiobook. Not just a paperback.

Luke: What does that mean?

Karlie: *She sighs again and drops her face into her palm*

Me: It means readers can download it from Amazon and get it instantly to their preferred digital reading device.

Luke: Oh, crap.

Me: If it makes you feel any better, Zane and Norah have books too.

Luke: Am I in those too?

Me: Yep. That’s where readers fell in love with you and couldn’t wait for your book to come out.

Luke: *He shares a look with Karlie and relaxes* I guess that isn’t so bad then. So does that mean I’m famous now?

Karlie: *She gives a short burst of laughter and pushes herself away from Luke before standing from the sofa* And I think that right there is a great way to end this little interview… *She jabs a thumb in Luke’s direction* …before this guy’s head gets any bigger than it already is.

Luke: *He reaches for her* Aw, you know you love me, Slick.

Karlie: You’re lucky I do. *She playfully smacks his hand away* Come on. We’ve got work to do and horses to train. *She turns to me and smiles* Did you get everything you needed?

Me: For now at least. I’m sure I’ll catch up with you two again in the future. Thank you again for the interview!




I hope you all enjoyed this super fun completely insane blog post today! If you like what you read, please share with your friends or others you’d think would enjoy it as well! Happy reading!




This cowboy's about to be branded …

For years, Karlie Kyle has had it bad for Luke McKade—wishing he'd see her as something more than just a shy girl in braided pigtails. But now that she's all grown up, she's ready to stake her claim and brand the heart of the sexy, smooth-talking cowboy who "can't be tamed."

Punched with lust from the moment he sees her again, Luke is shocked when he realizes that little Karlie Jo isn't so little anymore. When she tempts him with a proposition he just can't refuse, he's happy to oblige—temporarily. Karlie is willing to play along, but her heart is set on forever. As raw desire sparks something deeper, can Karlie convince Luke that rules are meant to be broken? Or will their passionate summer fling end with broken hearts instead?




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