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About Kimberly

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Official Bio

Kimberly Lewis is the bestselling author of sweet and sexy small town romances filled with heart and humor. She lives in Maryland with her husband and two children. 


Having caught the creative bug at an early age, Kimberly fully embraced her active imagination and grew up with a fondness for reading, drawing, and crafting stories. She eventually veered away from the art world to explore other career options, but a rediscovery of her love for the romance genre reignited that creative spark and—just like that—her first novel was published in 2011. Her stories are filled with humor, emotion, and a whole lot of love. 

Okay, but who are you really?

I’m just a girl, sitting in front a blank screen, asking it to not mock me.

Awkward writing jokes aside, I am first and foremost a wife and a mother. I’ve been happily married to my best friend for 10+ years and we have two of the most amazing kids you will ever meet. I’m an on the go gal and you will never hear me utter the words “I’m bored.” If I’m not busy writing my next greatest love story, I’m reading someone else’s greatest love story, spending time with my family, drinking wine with my friends, taking a day to adventure, or snuggled up with my hubby while we watch re-runs of “The Office.”


My life is organized chaos, and I love it.

And I also love to hear from my readers! So please feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, or drop me an Email.

Some quick FAQS…

If I’m new to your books, which one should I start with?

My most popular books are my McKades of Texas ones, so if you enjoy small-town romances with a heavy helping of smooth southern cowboys then I would suggest starting with Zane (and what’s really cool is that you can download it for free!)​

Do you have a favorite book that you’ve written?

I know we're not supposed to play favorites, but I love What's Left of Me and Luke. What's Left of Me is short, sweet, sexy, and very different from my cowboy novels. But it was a story that stuck with me for years and I just knew I had to make it work somehow. I never really intended for it to be a novella or touch on so many sensitive topics (survivor’s guilt, PTSD, alcoholism) but I poured so many emotions and laughter into that story, and I think it really shines throughout the entire read. And Luke? Luke I've loved since he first appeared in Zane's book as this cocky ladies’ man with a heart of gold, and I was so excited to write his story and give him the happy ending he wasn't looking for.  

​Do you have plans to write more books in the McKades of Texas series? Will Linda get her own story?


Yes! Absolutely, 100 %, yes. I can't end the series without giving Mama McKade her happily-ever-after, now can I? Linda's book is coming next in the series (release date TBD), and if all goes well I may have one more final book up my sleeve to end the series

What else do you have planned to write? Are you currently working on anything new?


Y’all, I have so many ideas for future books, but right now I’m divvying up my time between Linda’s story (Book 4 in the McKades of Texas series) and a novella for a new series I’ve decided to write (more details to come shortly).  

Why does it take you so long to write/publish books?


Writing is not my full-time job. I have a standard 40 hour a week, Monday through Friday job that I really like, and I write in my free time because it brings me joy. My free time varies from day to day, so while I’m not writing and publishing as often as I’d like, I’m still working on creating stories for readers who enjoy my books.  

What is your favorite time to write, and why?

I’m a late-night writer, though not by choice, lol. I don't write well with activities going on around me, so I soak up writing time when everyone in my house is sleeping (that way I can process my thoughts without interruptions).

What is the best way to contact you? Are you active on social media?

The best way to contact me would be through the "Contact" page of this website. If emailing isn't your thing, you can reach out to me through Facebook or Instagram. But, fair warning, I’m not very active on social media (nothing against it, it’s just a personal choice). I do check my accounts regularly and respond to messages as fast as I can.

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