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Zane, The McKades of Texas, Book 1

She’s taking back her life—and flipping his upside down in the process …

Kellan Anderson needs a lucky break. On the run with an abusive ex-boyfriend hot on her trail, she’ll do anything to ensure he doesn’t find her—even trade-in her stilettos for boots and put up with a hot, grumpy cowboy determined to be a certified pain in her rear.

All Zane McKade wants is a peaceful life on his ranch—but that ain’t happening with her around. Blowing into town like hell on wheels, and leaving him stranded on the side of the road no less, city-girl Kellan is trouble with a capital ‘T’. She’s driving him absolutely crazy … in every sense of the word.

But avoiding each other is impossible in this small town, especially when Kellan cons her way into staying on Zane’s ranch. When she finally slips past Zane’s prickly exterior, chemistry starts to crackle—burning away the protective walls around both of their hearts and showing them that the very thing they were avoiding might be just what they both need.

Kellan’s fugitive precautions mean she hasn’t been entirely truthful, though, so when the secrets of her past catch up to her, the cold chill of reality threatens to douse the couple’s spark. 

And what lurks in the shadows will do anything to tear them apart…


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