“A must-read for fans of Lori Wilde and Jennifer Ryan."


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“…filled with humor, laughter, good times, bad times, reconciliation, healing, and love. Ms. Lewis is an author to look out for, and one whose books I’ll be adding to my “Read Again” shelf for sure.”

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"Ms. Lewis has once again delivered a delightful read, which has enough family, fun and drama to keep a demanding reader very happy."


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This Texas beauty is about to rope the man of her dreams in this heartwarming, small town romance from bestselling author Kimberly Lewis.

Chase O’Donnell isn’t a cowboy, so the last thing he needs is to inherit a ranch that’s falling apart. But he’s got a plan: fix it up, sell it fast, and get out of dodge. Easier said than done, especially with his gorgeous new neighbor dominating his every thought and making him want to stick around.

Norah McKade is done with relationships, and no amount of tall, dark, and handsome is going to change that. But she’s having a hard time ignoring the way Chase’s lust-filled gaze sends shivers down her spine—and how one unguarded kiss leaves her reeling. With every explosive encounter promising more, can Norah find the courage to give love a second chance? Or will her inability to let go of her past destroy her shot at happily-ever-after?


A knock at the door distracted him, and he placed the pot back on the stove, a little more forcefully than he’d intended, and knocked over the hen shaped saltshaker.


“I’m coming,” Chase shouted from the kitchen as he fixed the saltshaker and headed towards the front door.


For being in the middle of nowhere he sure was getting an awful lot of visitors, way more than he had living in his apartment in the city, and it was starting to annoy the crap out of him. He wasn’t much of a morning person to begin with, and with everything that had happened already that morning, plus the fact that he hadn’t had his coffee yet, Chase was already past the boiling point. He swung open the front door with an exasperated “What?” and froze.


“Oh,” Norah said, staring at him with a confused yet surprised expression. “It’s you.”


Holy shit. “Uh, yeah, it’s me,” he replied, pleased to see her yet wondering why she was standing on his front porch.


Norah let out a tiny laugh and shook her head. “I’m sorry. I’m just…surprised to see you here.”


Think of something clever to say, O’Donnell.


“So you aren’t here to make a house call?”


And boy did that come out all wrong. He regretted his choice of words as soon as they came out of his mouth.


Way to make her sound like a prostitute.


“Excuse me?”


“Checking up on your patient,” Chase quickly explained and pointed to the bandaged cut above his eye. “Like doctors do.”


“Oh…umm,” she said and let out another soft laugh. “No, I, uh, honestly didn’t know you were here.” She looked up and held his gaze for a moment before directing her eyes to his cut. “How does your head feel this morning?”


“Fine,” he replied, smiling and leaning against the doorframe. “So if you’re not here to check up on me, can I ask why you are here?”


“Oh, God, yes of course you can,” Norah said. “I was just on my way over to take care of the livestock, and I saw this SUV parked up here that I’ve never seen before, which now I’m assuming is your SUV.”


“You’d be correct,” he said, still smiling as he watched her explain herself and enjoying how downright adorable she was when she was nervous.

“Anyway, I wasn’t sure who was up here so I called the Sheriff’s Department and—”


“So you called the cops on me?” His smile widened at her obvious discomfort.


Letting out an embarrassed sigh, Norah brought her hand to her face and covered her eyes. “Yes.” She took her hand away and looked him in the eye. “God, I’m so sorry. That must’ve been some wake up call.”


He laughed. “You could say that.”


“Well, when Ernie, I mean Deputy Woodson, told me you that you were the new owner he suggested that I introduce myself.”


“And why would he suggest that?”


“Because technically we’re neighbors,” she told him, then jerked her thumb to the left. “My family’s ranch borders yours.”


He followed her gesture and looked out upon the land, seeing nothing but miles and miles of tall grass against the morning sky. It was a rather beautiful sight, but not as beautiful as the sight before him. Chase hadn’t been able to stop thinking about Norah since he left the bar the night before, so it was quite a shock for him to see her standing on his front porch at seven a.m.—almost as if his mind had conjured her here.


“Well,” Chase said, then held his hand out. “It’s very nice to meet you, neighbor.”


She let out a soft laugh and shook his hand. “Very nice to meet you too.”


God, she looked good. He’d bet everything he had that she woke up looking like that, and he’d give everything he had to get the chance to find out.




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