Norah, The McKades of Texas, Book 2

This Texas beauty is about to rope the man of her dreams in this heart-swooning, small-town romance from bestselling author Kimberly Lewis.

Chase O’Donnell isn’t a cowboy, so the last thing he needs is to inherit a ranch that’s falling apart. But he’s got a plan: fix it up, sell it fast, and get out of Dodge. Easier said than done, especially with his gorgeous new neighbor dominating his every thought and making him want to stick around.

Norah McKade is done with relationships, and no amount of tall, dark, and handsome is going to change that. But she’s having a hard time ignoring the way Chase’s lust-filled gaze sends shivers down her spine—and how one unguarded kiss leaves her reeling. With every explosive encounter promising more, can Norah find the courage to give love a second chance? Or will her inability to let go of her past destroy her shot at happily-ever-after?


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