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Norah, The McKades of Texas, Book 2

He may not be a cowboy, but he can still wrangle her heart.


Chase O’Donnell knows nothing about owning land or raising livestock, so the last thing he needs is to inherit a ranch—especially one that’s falling apart. But he’s got a plan: fix it up, sell it fast, and get out of Dodge. Easier said than done. When his gorgeous new neighbor jumps in to show him the ropes, Chase quickly discovers he’s exchanged one form of torture for another as this small-town cowgirl quickly dominates his every thought.

Norah McKade has sworn off men for good, and no amount of tall, dark and handsome is going to change that — especially when he’s only in town for a few weeks. But when long days working together lead to one unguarded moment, neither can deny the wildly hot chemistry sizzling between them—and suddenly, before Norah knows it, she’s begging Chase for everything she’s been avoiding … and he’s more than willing to oblige.

As the first explosion of desire crumbles her carefully crafted walls, Norah sways towards giving love a second chance. But Chase’s city ties mean he can’t play cowboy forever.

Forced to face reality, the couple discovers just how painfully far apart their worlds really are.

And with more than just his heart on the line, Chase has to choose: keep his career and his father happy, or cowboy up and keep his girl.


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