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What's Left of Me


Hey, you beautiful reader! Don't let that headline scare you. I have wonderful plans for this book and this new series. I just need to make some content adjustments and then it will be back. Thank you for your support!

An enriching story of two lost souls discovering an unpredictable path to healing while earning a second chance at love by bestselling author Kimberly Lewis.

Jenna Olsen knows love and loss—having spent years trying to mend the gaping wound left by an unspeakable tragedy. But while staying at a friend’s lake house for the summer, one chance encounter changes everything, and all of those painful memories come flooding back as she unexpectedly finds herself in the arms of the man who holds the key to her unanswered questions.

As a former Marine, Cole Sullivan has seen his fair share of conflict—leaving his body and spirit a little worse for wear. Scarred and damaged, both inside and out, he’s done his best to keep all his pain at a safe distance and everyone from his past at arm’s length—especially Jenna. The last thing he needs is a reminder of how he failed four years ago, but when fate intervenes and they meet again, old feelings resurface along with a tragic past that haunts them both.

As an old friendship sparks into something more, Cole battles with his feelings of guilt even as he treasures his second chance with Jenna. Can he fight his inner demons to keep her in his life, or will the chance of hurting her again be too much to risk?


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